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TekSupply 103676 8 Hole Chick Inn Laying Nest 32 Hens

Shop 103676 8 Hole Chick Inn Laying Nest 32 Hens

Chick-Inn Laying Nests, also known as nest boxes and chicken roosts, promote poultry health and greater egg production- Popular 8 Hole Laying Nests are made of galvanized steel and are easy to assemble with a pop rivet gun- High front and back panels prevent litter from being scratched out of nests- Removable plastic bottom inserts are easy to clean, keeping birds healthier- Perches are hinged upward- We recommend one nest box per four laying hens- SKU: FRMTK4519. ...

Price: $271.39 | Merchant: Walmart US | Date: Feb-18, 2018

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and teksupply 105356 hole nest laying 10, 105356 10.

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