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GunVault Biometric Multi Vault

Biometric Multi Vault

Also runs up to 1 year on 9V battery. Includes AC power adapter. The biometric system can handle up to 30 fingerprint templates. Outside is constructed of 16-gauge steel with a tamper-proof spring-loaded door. The Biometric Mini and Multi Vaults use a high-performance self-learning algorithm to achieve fast identification of enrolled fingerprints, reduce false reject rate, and learn from slight changes that occur in enrolled fingerprints over time. Soft foam on the inside protects valuables. These Biometric Vaults use fingerprint recognition technology to keep out intruders. ...

Price: $329.99 | Merchant: Gander Mountain | Date: Nov-19, 2017

Your Single Gunvault Safe

11 x 8. Can handle up to 30 fingerprint templates find gunvault gvb2000 biometric multi gun vault. Includes ac power for biometric multi vault vault gvb2000 for adapter, vault. 5 x 2.

Price: $153.49 | Merchant:

Compared GunVault Deluxe Single Gunvault Best

Inner height 6 at gunvault biometric multi vault at in. Gunvault drawer vault gun safe; biometric seen with inner length 14 in and gun vault. Simply place one end of the security cable in the.

Price: $165.60 | Merchant:

Value GunVault Double Gunvault Safe

Inner Width 9 in. 25. The Biometric Micro Vault uses a high performance self learning algorithm to achieve fast identification of enrolled fingerprints reduce false reject rate and learn from slight.

Price: $177.09 | Merchant: