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Cooper B Line 24186RTSC Junction Box 16 Gauge Steel ANSI 61 Gray Wall Mount Screw Cover
Cooper B Line Cover Screw 24186rtsc Junction Ox 16 Gauge Steel Ansi 61 Gray Wall Mount

Cooper B Line Type 3R Flanged junction box with knockout in ANSI 61 gray color is made of 16 guage galvanized steel for added strength durability and has acrylic electrocoat paint finish. It measures 18 Inch x 6 Inch x 24 Inch. It features nine knockouts in the bottom for easy cable entry. Enclosure body has embossed mounting holes on the back. It has safety cover that slides under the top end flange and fastening with plated screws on the bottom end flange. It is waterproof and protects...

Cooper Pecan Brown Counter Stool

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Cooper Turquoise Bar Stool Reviews

, ox wall. KEY amp NOTES ENCPL14R Eff. 14 div2 mg3 canprice data data2 enc fg list revertdata sd service sub x CBL Material UPC Number Catalog Number List Price UM.

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and junction ox 16 gauge steel ansi 61 gray wall.

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